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,Annuar Musa says Malaysia needs to adopt the principle of coexistence, togetherness and consensus to safeguard the well-being and welfare of its citizens. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 1, 2022.

THE government will continue to ensure the country’s political stability to safeguard the well-being and welfare of Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family) in the face of the post-pandemic and the transition phase to endemic, Communications and Multimedia Minister Annuar Musa said.

He said the “iron wall” approach between the government and the opposition no longer applies because political stability to safeguard the welfare of Malaysians is more important.

“(The government) must ensure that the country’s political situation is stable, although we (the government) have to sacrifice by working, sharing and planning with the opposition as we were used to be separated by an ‘iron wall’ before,” he said.

“The ego must be buried deeply, the excessive faction must be pushed away, solo politics, recklessness, the sense that everything can be done on our own is not the right formula for now… we need the principle of al-ta’ayush (coexistence), togetherness and consensus.”

Annuar was speaking at the launch of the logo and theme for the 2022 National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations at Angkasapuri in Kuala Lumpur today.

He said the “prihatin” (caring) concept should also continue among the people because in the current situation, the country needs to move forward with certain values ​​that will be supported by the Malaysian Family.

Annuar, who is also the chairman of the Special Task Force on Jihad Against Inflation, said post-Covid-19 management was not as simple as some people thought.

“In the crisis, there are those who try to take advantage of the hardship, seek short-term political gain to become popular by becoming critics and detractors, which are easy to do,” he said.

“The world and the country have proved that people who view the people’s problems without much concern, when allowed to manage (the situation), they are bound to fail because everyone wants to take a simplistic approach… that everything that the government does is wrong.

“As the saying goes, easier said than done. Sometimes you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes to really understand. It is easier just to watch but to carry out the responsibility is another story.” 

He said based on history, individuals who had previously criticised the government who appeared *** art with diverse ideas, but when given the opportunity to govern, eventually could not implement them because managing the country was not an easy task.

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